Why Sell-Mobile

It was estimated that an eye-watering 45 million tonnes of techs are thrown away every year. Do you know that more than 130 million cell phones are thrown out annually? This massive amount of waste is enough to power thousands of homes. Furthermore, this waste is terrible for the environment and the consumer in the first place, besides it is worth a lot of cash.

There is a good chance you have those tech devices that have piled up over the years. Or perhaps you have upgraded some of them and realized you don’t have room for the stuff you have replaced, so here at SellMobile, we can give your tech a second life.


we are an established business working in the recycling business for over a decade, now with our shopping habits changing towards online, we decided we should widen our customer base and provide our services for the whole UK.

In this unprecedented time, dumping them is not a good option. So, reusing them or recycling them is an excellent way to preserve our environment. And make some cash, if you are selling your tech or as a company director wants to upgrade your staff phones or computers, we got your back!

SellMobile can help you get rid of your stuff with the most significant advantage and minor environmental damage. We have been in the market for more than a decade, we continuously monitor the market closely to get you the best deal selling your old techs.


We are based in Hull, at 46 Cottingham Road, HU67RA, you can always reach us during our working hours at 0330 912 2002 click here for more details